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Are All on Four Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

There are numerous potential reasons why a person might lose their teeth. Whether due to injury or illness or some other issues, tooth loss can cause quite a lot of hindrance in a person’s life.

Fortunately, dental medicine has progressed quite rapidly in the past century and in the last few decades in particular. One of the methods for restoring teeth developed in recent years is the so-called all-on-four method.

What it is and how it is different from other technologies available today is a bit technical. In order to understand it better, we discussed this topic with the oral surgery and dentistry professionals at Prashanth Dental. Here’s how they view this method.

What Is All on Four?

When considering full mandible teeth replacement, you basically have two options. You can either get cheap removable dentures that can be really uncomfortable and difficult to chew with or sometimes prohibitively expensive

Dental implants for each missing tooth.

While those tooth implants are very natural-feeling and made of high-level materials such as titanium and surgical-grade ceramics, they can be out of reach for many people with price tags in the thousands of Rupees.

All on Four , then, comes as a median solution where not each individual tooth needs to have its own implant, but rather only 4 implants are sufficient to hold the whole upper or lower set of prosthetic teeth. The crowns are still made of high-grade ceramics but are all connected in a single structure that is adjoined to the jaw bone with only 4 implants.

The cost of the whole procedure, too, is somewhere between the dentures and individual implants. This makes it affordable to a much broader population who no longer have to settle for uncomfortable but affordable dentures.

What All on Four Implants Enable?

If you’re still considering whether this investment is worth the money, consider what you are going to gain by taking the step. First of all, the procedure doesn’t take long and you will only need a few visits to the dentist. This procedure is also called ‘teeth in a day thanks to the quick turnaround. That means that you can restore your healthy smile in a very short time.

The crowns of the teeth are specially molded to fit your mouth, so you won’t have to contend with an uncomfortable or ill-fitting set of teeth. With this newest of teeth, you will likely feel all of the confidence and well-being restored.

More importantly, these teeth feel very natural thanks to the implants – so you will be able to enjoy all the food that you may have abstained from in recent years. Your overall health will improve as well, thanks to improved oral health.

But Is It Worth It to You?

Ultimately, you have to consider what is important to you. For some people, it is the aesthetics and physical appearance of the teeth. Thanks to modern technology, it has become fairly easy to manufacture believable and natural-looking ceramic teeth.

For others, the price is the primary motivation to consider this option. Individual dental implants can cost upwards of Rupees 20,000 per tooth. If you need to replace a number of teeth, the cost can add up very quickly. All on Four can drastically reduce this cost as it only requires 4 implants and a single visit to the dentist, arguably the most expensive components of dental implants.

Restoring your smile may seem like a vanity point, but it can be so much more. Restoring confidence to find love, seek better employment and much more may be hidden behind the perfect smile that All on Four offers. Take the offer.

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