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Prepare Your Smile For Wedding Season

Prepare Your Smile For Wedding Season

You’ve saved the date on your calendar.

You have the dress you’ll be wearing. You know when you’re getting your hair done. There’s just one more thing you need to nail your look on the big day — an amazing smile.

Whether you are getting married (congratulations if you are), are in a wedding party, or just attending the wedding of a friend or family member, you will probably have your photo taken that day. Whether it’s for a formal picture or a selfie for social media, you deserve a smile you want to share.

With Cosmetic Dentistry at Prashanth Dental, you can upgrade your teeth long before the celebration begins. To schedule an appointment, call 9491226060, 9491225050, 9347257900.

Take A Look At Your Teeth

Take a look at your teeth in the closest mirror. Are you seeing any issues you would like to correct? The good news is that you have plenty of time to schedule an appointment at our Prashanth Dental, Hyderabad.

You want to look your best on the day of the wedding or weddings you will be attending this summer. And you can make a lot of changes to improve your smile. Whether you want to make one change or get a smile makeover, we can help.

If you want to have a bright, beautiful smile, you can.

If you want to have a straighter, that is possible, too.

If you want to repair chipped or broken teeth, you can do that at our office.

If you want to close a gap in your smile, you should make plans to visit with us.

Keep in mind that that changes you make in anticipation of the special ceremony will last long after the reception is over. Your new smile may look great in the photos, but it can boost your confidence in your day-to-day life as well.

Transform Your Smile

To our doctors, giving patients great smiles is one of the most rewarding parts of what they do. You can benefit from their years of experience and advanced training in cosmetic services.

Here are some of the ways you could make a change for a better smile:

Dental veneers — One of the most versatile options could be just what you need. These shells are custom-made for you to give you the smile of your dreams. That can mean whiter teeth, straighter teeth, unbroken teeth, and teeth without gaps between them. This durable solution can last for many years with proper care.

Professional teeth whitening — If your primary concern is having a white, bright smile, professional whitening may be all you need. Our treatments can do more in less time (even as little as one visit) than any over-the-counter products you’ll find in stores.

Tooth Lengthening — An uneven gumline can make some of your teeth look short when compared to the rest of your smile. Removing excess gum tissue can redefine your gumline and give your smile a more uniform appearance.

That’s not all we can do for you, but it gives you an idea of the changes you can make between now and the next date you’ve saved.

Be Ready For Your Photos

This summer and beyond, put on your happy face. Call 9491226060, 9491225050, 9347257900 or contact us online to schedule your cosmetic dentistry at Prashanth Dental.

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